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Deciphering Blix IDs and classes

  1. I would like to apply a border style to just the links in the body (not including the title) of posts and pages. To do this, it seems I need to find out which Blix ID or class identifies just the body of pages and posts. I've looked through the stylesheets, but with no luck. I've tried: #content, and .entry, but these include the post titles. Here's the CSS code:

    .entry-content a {
    border-bottom:1px dashed;

    Can anyone help me find the right id or class?

  2. The snap previews crashed my browser. Thanks.

  3. oh... neat idea ;-)

    .snap_preview a { ... }

  4. I'm a little confused. Do these posts about the snap preview have something to do with this thread?

  5. thistimethisspace

    Snap previews takes a lot of resources, slows paging loading time and many of us have turned the blessed thing off. You haven't shut it off and it's crashing the browser of one of the bloggers trying to help you. (BTW those trying to help definitely know whereof they speak when it comes tom css editing.)

    To shut snap off -> Presentation -> Extras -> uncheck the checkbox and click "Update Extras".

    For those answering forum questions the combination of snap, multiple media embeds and oversized images on the front page as well as too many posts on the front page of the blogs we are trying to help bloggers with is the bane of our existence.

    Also note that Blix is an unusual theme with quirks

  6. > Do these posts about the snap preview have something to do with this thread?

    mine has, directly.

  7. Thanks for the explanation. I turned off the snap preview!

  8. You're welcome. Now I shall leave you in the capable hands of these two very competent geeks.
    Best wishes. :)

  9. I failed to mention that the blog with the Blix theme is:
    I now await the kind help of the competent geeks.

  10. you were asking could anyone help you to find the right selector, weren't you? -- I did already provided you with the one above.

  11. Oh, I see... Yes, thanks, the .snap_preview selector does almost what I want. It selects the body of the post without the title, but it also selects the "(more...)" link on the split posts.

    How did you discover the .snap_preview selector? Is there a general scheme to the selectors in WordPress Themes that is documented somewhere?

  12. apply the same rule to the a.more-link {} selector.

    it's atthe404 who lead me on to it (see a remark in the my 1st reply).

    admittedly, I'm not into themes mocking, but the only theme available .com (amongst about of 30, and a bazillion of .org one) which has a meaningful more less well sructured semantic markup is the Sandbox.

  13. Problem solved. I am now using this code:

    .snap_preview a {
    border-bottom:1px dashed;
    a.more-link {

    Now, only the links in the body of posts and pages have the dashed underline.

    Thanks again for the help. Would it be revealing trade secrets to explain how you discovered these selectors?

  14. View the source of your rendered blog. You can see all of them.

  15. well, after inspection it appeared that only
    .snap_preview a { border-bottom:1px dashed } is needed, as a { text-decoration:none } is defined in layout.css (line 75)

  16. I added `
    a.more-link { border-bottom:none }`
    to remove the dashed underline from the "(more...)" links on split posts. I think this looks better.

  17. yup, I've inattentively read your second request -- it seemed to me that .snap_preview does not select a '(more)' link while you want it to.

    for the record, personally I don't like important links which are undecorated at all (if they ain't colored enough to be signified as a link), but in this particular case I agree with you -- it looks better, because of ugly markup.

    the linked word 'more' should be surrounded by spaces at the very least, also parentheses shouldn't be linked all. something like:

    ( more )

    ( <a href="...">more</a> )

    docs on Sandbox are at

  18. I'm still experimenting with the format. I agree that important links need something to distinguish them. The problem with Blix is that the link color was almost indistinguishable from regular text.

    Thanks again for all the help.

  19. No problem.

  20. @atthe404 and options
    kudos and thanks for helping this blogger :)

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