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decrease in followers?

  1. How did my number of followers decrease from 107 to 20 overnight?
    Blog url:

  2. Yeah, just happened to me to. All of my twitter followers were dropped, only email followers are counted now in the "followers" count on the blog homepage.

    I assume what happened is that they were trying to fix the bug that was double-counting the twitter followers for many blogs. And they went too far and created a new bug whereby twitter followers aren't counted at all.

  3. Oh, and now I've noticed that the numbers for twitter followers have vanished from the stats page to. Not that there's a zero. "Twitter" isn't even listed as a category of follower on my stats page anymore.

  4. There's also another forum thread on this issue, which I guess has been identified as a bug. Some people are complaining their Twitter and Facebook numbers are being artificially inflated. Me, I'm seeing the same problem you are - - the Twitter followers have disappeared. I'm presuming WP is looking at this, even though the other thread has been marked resolved? Will watch for info.

  5. Thank you Beau - my problem has disappeared. Twitter followers and all the states are right now. That didn't take long!

  6. Stats (not states) are all correct now!

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