Decreased image quality even after resizing before uploading?

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    Hello! Forgive me if this has been answered before, but I’ve tried looking for an answer to this elsewhere on the forums, but I can’t seem to find a good solution. :( Whenever I upload photos to wordpress, the quality seems to decrease a bit unless you click on the photo to look at the image alone. They’re not as sharp, and the colors don’t see to be quite as bright. I could understand if I took a massive photo and plugged it into wordpress to compress, but unless I purposefully leave an image at a larger size, I usually resize my photos prior to uploading so that they’ll fit my blog, AND I’ve got them all set to 72 ppi. Right size, right resolution, so wouldn’t this mean that wordpress wouldn’t have to compress the images to begin with? What gives?? :(
    Just a few examples:
    Post 1 – The first image of the lil’ Targaryen dragon is resized and shouldn’t need compression, but it looks blurrier compared to when the image is clicked on and viewed alone:
    Post 2 – ALL photos on this post are resized and shouldn’t need compression:

    Any ideas? :(

    The blog I need help with is



    a) WP compresses the images you upload to 90% of original. But that’s a negligible difference.

    b) Images resized by the theme lose quality. See here:

    c) You’re wrong about Post 1: the original is 557px wide but you have inserted it at 515px.



    Thanks for the quick reply! And sorry about the mistake about post #1! Shoulda checked on that part before posting.

    I’d actually run across your blog post while I was looking for an answer! Definitely the most helpful out of everything else I’ve come across…the issues I have are still with the ones where they’re already resized to fit the column and adjusted to 72 ppi (like in the 2nd post that I gave for an example). I’ve tried removing the height and width parameters like you’d mentioned in your post, but still no improvements. I guess after a certain point it’s a lost cause if there’s going to be a loss in quality by uploading to wordpress in general? I’ve tried linking from image hosting sites (photobucket), but it still results in a bit of dullness in the end result. Thanks again for your help! Seems like you do a lot for the wordpress community! :)

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