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    I’m running a and have an Android app , that refers to the blog.

    There is a new Android Goolge feature that is called “deep linking”, that allows Google to index your app. All you have to do ist to add an HTML element in your HTML <head> element
    <link rel=”alternate” href=”android-app://at.electrobabe.chefbabe/2014/02/16/fisolen-risotto-mit-salbei/” />
    and than you can connect to the web page in your app.

    Alternatively you may add a xhtml:link-element in your sitemap:
    <xhtml:link rel=”alternate” href=”android-app://at.electrobabe.chefbabe/2014/02/16/fisolen-risotto-mit-salbei/” />

    For further implementation details have a look at

    I want to add a link-element to the HTML head-tag or a xhtml:link-element to the sitemap.
    Neighter sitemap not HTML head-element are editable in, or is there a plugin/upgrade or something I can use?

    Under “Website Verification Services” in my blog I can verify my site to Google, Bing etc., but not for Google Deep Links. It would be very helpful to have new head-Tag with a link-tag there (like for the meta-tags google/bing/pinterest.. uses)

    Thank You!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, at, we don’t allow direct access to the source code, due to security and stability concerns.

    This is the tradeoff we make in order to keep the millions of sites we host running at top speed with virtually no downtime.

    For custom code like that, you’ll need to use a self-hosted WordPress (also called “.org”) site, which allows you complete freedom to make any modifications you wish.

    If you are wondering how differs from, this support article explains the distinction:

    If you feel that self-hosted WordPress may be a better fit for your needs, it’s not terribly difficult to switch. This guide will step you through the process of moving your blog to a instance:

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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