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    Hi. l tried to make a Deep River Lures blog. However , I cannot find the one that ‘already exists’ when l type Can you help me find it please?

    This is very confusing and frustrating. I think I tried to create a wordpress blog in the past using deepriverlures but I cannot access or find it. Could someone please delete this ‘other’ old blog so I can re-start it please? l have no idea what my blog url is. So I have to tick the ‘I do not have a blog’ box located below.
    Thank you ,
    Anthony Barnard
    email: (email redacted)


    Member is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.

    When we try to delete a blog there are 3 warnings given that doing so is forever. There is an email with a verification link sent to us to complete the final step.
    Once a blog has been deleted the deleted blog address ie. URL cannot be reused or recycled by anyone.

    What you can do is purchase a domain name of your own via a domain mapping upgrade and then what the underlying subdomain URL is will not matter.

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