defamation :: UK oline crime squad notified, filing caase against this blog edit

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    Defamation is not a crime; it’s a civil matter.


    cyberstalking and harassment is a criminal offence in UK and protects all those affected by it in the UK. so you are wrong



    Cyberstalking and harassment are not the same as defamation.



    You can deal directly with staff via this link but if you want something taken down, generally speaking you will need a court order or the equivalent.


    yes it is same thing because in this case
    defamation is the tool used by the cyber stalker
    to harass alarm and cause distress.
    site team already notified but this remains for now an example of what evan gets up to,
    this is merely a fraction of his onslaught,.
    us anon truth seekers are beseiged by cointell disinfo.
    this is one cointell disinfo agent


    court order was applied for today under data protection act and privacy law infringement, action against cyber stalking defaming, cyber harassment are heavily pursued in united kingdom. this proves as to why. the man runs several hate pages and sites/ blogs. new world order agent provovateur springs to mind why else act like them…



    Thanks for telling me; doing so is pointless, as I am not staff. I gave you the link to staff. Use it.

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