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    Hi there,

    Fist of all, I having trying to contact WordPress Staff, and I don’t really know where to contact them, so if this is posted on the wrong forum, then please help move the post to the right forum.

    Someone called “Dr.Pitch of Bangkok” have been trying to promote himself by defame our clients, Dr.Sompob Sansiri, and he is using a blog under your roof where the URL is

    We have proof that the blog according the the URL have copied photos from


    Then he claims that the photos of those patients belong to SP Clinic which operates by Dr.Sansiri, but in fact he
    stole those photos from other blogs.

    By doing so he has been trying to defame and direct clients/patients to him. Therefore, we think this blog is
    fake, has copyright photos stolen, and has false claim with no solid evidence attacking other person.

    Please don’t support defamatory blog like this, and please consider removing the blog from your server.

    Best regards,
    Jaturont Thanapura


    You can read about this case at



    Please report this at

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