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Defamatory comments- unresponsive blogger

  1. Hi all,

    I recently submitted an abuse complaint regarding a defamatory comment posted around 4 years ago on a page.

    I understand I am unlikely to receive a success/failure response from WordPress, for legal reasons. I am concerned my removal request has been unsuccessful.

    I cannot find any ToS regarding defamatory comments - only defamatory blogs. What can I do?

    To clarify, I am trying to remove a highly embarrassing comment that impersonates me (and is defamatory as a result). It appears on a web search for my (unique) name and was recently discovered by a co-worker. This is incredibly stressful!

    It probably isn't relevant, but:
    I know that the site owner would be happy to remove it, since he removed the same comment from the equivalent blog on his own domain. However, he is extremely slow to respond to email (the last one took months and months) since he has more-or-less abandoned both his own domain and his WordPress blog.

    Thank you for any responses in advance,


  2. We volunteers can not help you. This is an issue to take up with staff when they return on Monday. Contact them directly then.

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