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Default Category Dissapeared/Replaced by the Word "Standard" - Can't Delete It

  1. Hi. This problem is a really big headache and I have no idea how it even came about.

    I have a default category ("Siempre hoy") that is not showing up on the actual blog ( I only see this category when I go to the Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories. And I know it's my default category because, first, it's the ONLY category I have (so can't delete it), and it also shows as my default category when I go to Writing -> Settings. I tried creating a second category, making the new one my default one, and deleting the original one, but still, the category doesn't show up on the actual blog, and instead, the word Default is there... Arrrgh!

    Default is obviously not my default category, or a category at all, for that matter. When I click on it, there are 0 posts associated with it (even though I have 8 posts published and no other categories available to click on, because my default category is not showing up).

    This the web address for when I click on the infamous Standard "category":
    This, instead of what I believe should be: name)

    Can anyone help solve this mystery? PLEASEEE!

    Go ahead. See for yourself:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should mention that, yes, I have the upgrade to make custom CSS changes ;-)

  3. Dynamic categories pages and categories widget have no data to display until you publish a post in each category.

  4. Hi Timethief. Thansk for responding. Unfortunately, I'm not really understanding what you're saying. I did have about 7 categories before, and, still, the "category" Standard was also there, even though I never created it. I decided, then, to delete all categories (except the default one, which cannot be deleted) to try to get rid of Standard, but it just doesn't go away....
    Anything you can think of that I can try? Please use the most "basic" language you can think of; not really fluent in WordPress/CSS.

  5. Are you sure that the "Standard" you refer to is not a post format?

  6. Pretty sure it isn't. I have the Duet theme (premium), fyi. Very strange.

    Like I said above, for example:
    This the web address for when I click on the infamous Standard "category":
    This, instead of what I believe should be: name)

    Not sure where "type" comes from, and why.

  7. Wait. You may be right about the "post format" suggestion. let me look into that (since I'm not so sure what it is, hehe).

  8. You've added a "Standard" post format link to the menu in your Appearance > Menus page. And you seem to have a strange menu item that doesn't have any category selected.

    Try going to Appearance > Menus, remove what you have there now, and re-add the menu items you want.

  9. Timethief. You're awesome. It was a post format issue. THANKS! It's all good, now!!!

  10. Thanks to you, yoo, designsimply! Much appreciated!!!

  11. You're welcome and best wishes with the blog. :)

  12. You're welcome. Cheers :)

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