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    What is the default font for posting text? When I paste from MS word the text appears comes through in a couple of different fonts.



    It’s dependent on the theme you’re using as it is normally set in the theme.

    Can I suggest that you don’t copy and paste from MS Word?

    Word has some very funny ideas about font formatting and that can be (as you’ve found out!) transferred to the WP post when you copy and paste.

    I use a plain text editor (notepad for example) to write and then paste from there.

    Hope this helps.




    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know this and have been cut and pasting from MS Word. Here’s a further question. If the font style and size I choose in MS Word does not transfer into my WP blog theme Andreas 09 will the ones I choose in notepad also become itty bitty too? I’m getting complaints from middleaged people (like me) who find having to use the crtl + all the time annoying.



    The whole point of the plain text editor is that it is just that, plain text. It’s got no font formatting on it at all.

    Andreas 09 will simply interpret it as text and post it as normal.

    I wonder if it might be an idea to ask for either simple text sizing (by the user), or a large font theme or user theme switcher for the less able sighted (how’s that for PC??? ;)).



    cornell I’m a green newbie with very little computing experience. Today is my 1 month blogging anniversary day!
    What do you mean by asking for simple text sizing (by the user)?
    I cannot read my own blog or anyone else’s for that matter without using crtl+. I have reading glasses but I do not require them when I’m typing into this box.
    More to the point is that the folks who telephoned me said they just disconnect from any site where the font is too small for them to read. I asked them to try again using ctrl+ to increase the font size and they are doing that now. But how the heck do I do I ask folks who aren’t already in the organizations viewing my blog to do the same? They may click in and not stick around to read a teeny tiny message instructing them how to make the size increase by using crtl+.



    timethief: have you tried overriding default font with html? you can adjust the type and size or even colour of your font with html and it works with some themes, but not regulus.


    There are two ways to address this issue:

    1. Switch to a different theme with a larger font, or

    2. Edit all of your html so that each paragraph contains the code <font size="+1">text here</font>

    Neither is optimal, but that’s the price of having pre-made themes. Maybe one day there will be a control for the size of default text.



    Strange. I only see one font on vasko’s blog.

    Other people have reported this as well. It’s probably because you’re using the rich text editor otherwise know as TinyMCE. It has a history of doing stuff like this and throwing in extra tags and changes. Wouldn’t be the first time.



    Is there a list somewhere of which themes have large font sizes?



    I haven’t seen one. Since a visitor can adjust text size from within their browser so normally it wouldn’t be considered an issue.

    Anyone care to suggest a theme with a large text size? I know Sapphire is pretty big. (Too big for me actually.)

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