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    The theme, K-2 Lite, must be calling up the ‘default’ home page “Blog”. I cannot figure out how to remove it. I want a static welcome page and an “articles” page which would house my posts. I run hosted versions of the blog, and I would just go and find the code in the theme, (I think) and remove it. What do i do here? I chose to host this site for my company because its hosted by wordpress. Please help.

    Secondly, how do I have menu links with authors’s names which are really links to category pages where I can list their articles.

    Lastly, I assume this is also due to the theme, but I cannot see how to move the order of the menu buttons. I would like Welcome or Home to be first on the left, and then articles…..thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    The “blog” page does not physically exist. It is the post page that is created on the fly by the wordpress software. It cannot be deleted.

    You can create a static front page, and you can even create an articles page, but with the theme you are using, the blog tab will still be there and will actually link to your static front page.

    My suggestion is to switch to a theme that does not have a “home/blog/front page” tab:


    Why did I hit the submit button before finishing?

    In some themes you can make the tabs links instead of just representing pages: . You will have to look a the choose a theme that does not have a home/blog tab, but that supports the external links. You will then create a category for each author and then use the blog post referenced to make tabs into links to those author categories. That will bring up a list of only the posts for that particular author.

    You can set page order as shown here: .

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