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default image link URL

  1. When uploading images how can I set it to default that the link URL will always point to the full size image? I want to set it for all the users as default so that they do not have to click on the "full url" button when they upload images to their posts.

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  3. @norbert982, did you mean "File URL?" Where do you see "full url"?

    When uploading an image to a post or page, the default link URL to the image appears in the "Link URL" field. This should happen automatically for every image you upload. When users click the image, the new larger image should appear on the page.

    To learn more about image links please read the support page here,

  4. Thank you!
    Yes, I meant File URL. My problem is that as a default the link URL is set to "Post URL" and the user has to click the "File URL" button when they upload their images. I'd like to set "File URL" as a default for all the users and not "Post URL".

  5. @norber982, when I am in a post and upload an image, the URL that appears in the "Link URL" field ends with ".jpg" because I uploaded a JPEG.

    When you upload an image in your post, what appears in your "Link URL" field for the image?

  6. the URL of my blog with this ending: "?attachment_id=2488"

  7. @norbert982, do you have a website address I can look at?

  8. yes. website address is:
    At the first image 'vismarkt' I set the link URL to "File URL".
    At the second image "She's hanging too..." you see what I get as default.
    Thank you!

  9. Is your website hosted at or are you using the self-hosted version of WordPress from

  10. no. it is the self-hosted version.

  11. That's what I thought. I think I have a solution for you though.

    Okay, so this forum is for users. What you want is to post all of your self-hosted questions to this forum

    Also, on that forum I found this thread that may have a solution. Look for the answer where it says to add something to your functions file.

    Good Luck!

  12. Thank you so much! :)

  13. @weschyrchel: What happened in this thread is one of the reasons we don't give replies if we don't have the URL of the blog in question.

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