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  1. hi all
    what is the default theme now when a user create new blog? is it 20/11? does that apply to all new users (to get same default theme) or different users get different default theme when they create an account? if the default them is 20/11 for all new users? would that be changed or stay like this?

    Thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All users get the same starting theme - I think it is 2011 - at some point in the future WordPress.COM will introduce a new upgraded default theme -

  3. thank you for the help

  4. You know that you can change your theme to any which one you like. Because you are just starting, I'd say you should experiment until you are happy.
    dashboard—>appearance—>themes—>make lots of previews
    look around here:

  5. thanks 1tess for the help. that is great link.

  6. Hope you find a theme that's perfect for you!

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