Default theme editing – white borders on header?

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m currently building a site for a friend and that involves, to the best of ability, ripping apart the default theme and forcing it into the sort of shape I want it to be. I’m doing okay so far, mostly by changing the colours of things to work out what they are and what they do, however I have a small problem.

    I’ve edited the header image to a different one, changed various bits and bobs, and yet there is still a white border on the left and right sides. This is not present on the image itself and I cannot work out which bit of code is responsible for it.
    Anyone got any clues?

    I’m using the latest version, and editing the default theme.
    The site can be found at – you can see the white lines either side of the header at the top.

    I’m aware the background gradient is quite bandy – I intend to replace it with a better quality image once I sort out all these little problems!

    Thanks for all your help, everyone

    Kind regards,




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    Aah, drat. I didn’t see that this was only for sites hosted at

    Sorry about that, guys! I’ll head over to and ask there.

    My apologies – feel free to lock this or whatever. =)

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