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    Would it be possible for you fix the default theme on WordPress in order to allow comments to be made to Pages as well as Posts.

    I checked up on this and apparently its a theme bug. Basically you need to put in the ‘comments_template();’ code into the default theme’s Page section.

    If you enable the ‘allow comments’ option when creating a Page, of course nothing happens because the theme is missing the relevant code.

    Thanks very much for your time!



    +1e6 (would appreciate it very much)

    this problem: lack of comments form on static ‘pages’ also persist in all Kubrick derived themes.


    Connections theme also has this problem basically not giving a comment box on its pages. I rely on pages to structure my blog – any chance of fixing this please?



    Didn’t we have a thread a few weeks ago complaining about themes that *DID* allow comments on Pages? :)



    did we, really?


    well if we did they should rtfm as you can turn off the comments options on pages :) I found the ‘no comment’ button so it can’t be too hard…


    i think the best solution is for themes to have ‘commentable’ and ‘uncommentable’ page templates. it’s really not that hard.

    although with .com templates, i can’t see it really mattering to anyone if their pages have a ‘comments closed’ notification at the bottom, so maybe all pages should be commentable, and people should use the ‘allow comments’ checkbox.



    it’s really not that hard

    They when should be expect the code fix? Feel free to submit it to staff.


    I’m not a codemonkey so unfortunately can’t help. I like the idea though if someone knows someone who can. So…UP for this one please.



    The OP told everyone how to do it already:

    Basically you need to put in the ‘comments_template();’ code into the default theme’s Page section.

    I have to agree, it’s not that hard, but then we have to bear in mind that the developers’ time is severely limited. I wasn’t aware that they were accepting theme patches now: how should we go about submitting them? Feedback? The contact form? The fairly moribund-looking WP MU Trac?



    Best bet I would think would be trying to get theme designers to submit themes that include Page Templates both with and without the ‘comments_template();’ call.

    But again, this falls under the “Most theme were designed for WordPress where themes are editable and not MU where they’re not.” bit that comes up on occasion.

    Matt has stated that we’re not suppose to be bugging theme designers though.

    Maybe Feedbacks?

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