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Default to Publish Immediately

  1. wonderingpreacher

    Having used the time stamp to publish a couple of posts at a specified time, every new now post shows a "Publish On" time and date - usually an hour or so before the current time.
    How can I get it to default to "Publish Immediately"?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to settings > general and check your time time zone setting. Perhaps it is off by one zone.

  3. wonderingpreacher

    Thanks, but no, unfortunately, that's correct. It's not so much the fact that the time is out, but that I want it to default back to "immediate". That doesn't seem to be an option?

  4. Any new post you make should automatically be set for immediate publishing unless you set it otherwise. If it is not, then contact staff and have them look into it for you.

  5. wonderingpreacher

    Magic. You're a star! I wasn't sure how to 'contact staff'. Will do so.

  6. You're welcome.

  7. wonderingpreacher

    In case someone else can benefit.
    I use Windows Live Writer to draft my posts then I send the draft through to WP for further work. Unfortunately WLW sends through the current date and time even if I leave the Post Date blank on their side. And WP doesn't allow you to delete that date and revert to the default "Publish Immediately".

  8. Oh, that is a bad thing. Did you contact staff, and is there anything they can do about it?

  9. @wonderingpreacher
    Hello there,
    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help with your issue. Would you like to contact Staff about that? Here's the link >

  10. wonderingpreacher

    I did, thank you both.
    They can't help because it is a date that comes through from WLW. I got into a WLW forum which couldn't help either.
    What I did suggest to WP staff is that WordPress be amended to allow one to delete a publish date on a draft and revert to 'Publish immediate'. That seems to have been rejected.
    But thanks for your help, and have a good Christmas.

  11. Thanks for returning and sharing that information with us. We appreciate it. Have a lovely holiday season. :)

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