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Default WordPress CSS not working on my site

  1. notesfromthewilderness

    Checked on my site- there is no formatting at all, as if default WordPress CSS is inoperable. Checked same with various themes, none work with my site.


    Thanks in advance for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog please.

  3. this is happening to me too.
    also with another site,



  4. notesfromthewilderness

  5. also not working, argh!

  6. This seems to be a issue. My blog is experiencing it, too, as well as several other WordPress blogs I've checked.

    Even I Can Has Cheezburger and its ancillary sites are not displaying presentation.

  7. The CSS is not working on my site either. Checked it in both FF3.5 and IE8. Tried changing the theme, did not fix problem. My site:

    Also, no CSS on this forum page.

  8. Are they doing maintenance to right now or something?

    This and any other page I try to view that is hosted on is showing up in a plain html fashion? I guess thats what I should call it?

    My is here, <link></link&gt;

    Does it look "normal" to any of you? Or is it just something on my end?


  9. Never mind!

    I guess that i commented to soon...Its fine now!


  10. Today Perhaps, looks the same as the others

    I wish they would make an announcement or something, I just posted a major article that I want to share the link. But not looking like that!

  11. Same here everyone! And it's preventing me from writing a breaking news post!

  12. It seems to be fixed now?

  13. My CSS is fine on my blog, but I can't access the HTML area on any of my pages. Also, my gravatar isn't appearing anymore.
    And, yes, this forum isn't showing any CSS' either. Definitely, appears to be a WP issues.

    Will wait for "up time".
    Thank you WP

  14. I don't see it fixed, and I've tried to recache my site (Ctrl F5) many times

  15. notesfromthewilderness

    This forum page is off too!

    But my site now works ( - what did you do to fix it?

  16. Seriously, can we get a small explanation at least?

  17. humm...I guess Im lucky? This forum even looks normal again!

    Do you mind trying my site again to tell me if it looks ok to you...pleeeeeease!


  18. All clear it seems, all the blogs including my own appear fixed

  19. It was probably this new "freshley pressed" thing,

  20. no, it's still virtually plain text.

  21. youngragingbull

    Not mine, still pretty messed:

  22. It appears that the server is down. That server is where all the affected blogs themes are stored.

  23. How do I know if I'm on that server? My blog,, looks horrible right now...


  24. check that... mine's back to normal.
    was that server issue fixed?

  25. has wordpress commented on this issue yet????????

  26. No servers are down. is up and working.

    We think there is a DNS problem somewhere on the net that is affecting some users. It might be related to OpenDNS but we're not sure.

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