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default wordpress template vs other templates google problem

  1. Hi All,

    Instead of using default template, if we use any other template.. will this cause any problem with google bot to crawl blog site.. it seems silly question... but just i want confirmation.

    -Thanks for your time

  2. It'll cause no problems at all.
    The information is all valid and packaged well in the code so choose the theme you like the most.

  3. Thanks,

    is all features available on default theme will available on remaining templates. Becoz i saw multiple templates in my dashboard, i tried some of them... some of them not showing "search" tool and some them showing search but not showing autofill ( in default theam when you try to search somehting it will show some "suggested text in drop down menu"...

  4. Gotta admit that I like the autofill as well.

  5. Cool.. then how to enable autofill for non default thems...???

  6. The themes would have to be edited to include the script that does it and we're not able to do that.

    Best bet would be to bug staff and request it via Feedback.

  7. ok ...sent feedback :)

  8. linuxunix and/or drmike would you please explain to me exactly how the autofill function works in the search context?

  9. If you type in words to the search box on some themes, it will search the database of your Posts looking for matches while you type. I can't remember which ones do it though. I thought one of Andreas did.

  10. You get something like this when you start to type in a new category on the Write Post page. I just noticed it. :)

  11. Along with default kubric theme , Ocadia 1.1 by Becca Wei also supports autofill

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