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    I’ve searched the forums, but I don’t see an answer. I did find a few 2 and 3 post threads, and a link to a post that no longer exists, along with people complaining about their blog being incorrectly (they believed) categorized, but nothing that really answers my question.

    I don’t want to inadvertently post something that belongs in the mature category. So I’d like to know what belongs. Specifically.

    I’ve seen a few popular blogs that have been promoted on the front page have posts containing nudity and rather risque imagery, for example. To me personally, that’s just normal, and I certainly don’t have a problem with it. But my understanding of general internet standards, nudity and semi-nudity in a sexual context would be considered “mature.” So I’m confused. Is there a thread somewhere that explains the concept in detail?

    Thank you

    Note: I haven’t put my blog address in this post because it’s private at the moment and only has 2 test posts, so what’s the point?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your best bet is to contact staff directly for an exact answer



    And maybe you could then share the answer? Because that is a very good question.



    Hey 2ndecho,

    Really, the line what separates nudity and mature is a question of decency. Nudity for pornography is mature. Nudity for art isn’t (heck, that’s all over wikipedia!).

    That’s the simple answer to it.

    Really, what WordPress has tried to do is to ban all adult-related content from wordpress, so that it’s a clean place for people to be on without getting incidents where children accidentally get exposed to indecent materials by clicking on the wrong link.

    And, if you’re ever in doubt, just ask yourself this question: can a 9 year old see what you’ve got? Most likely, if the answer’s yes, then you’ll have no problem with that content.

    But, as slikbonez says above, if you’re really unsure as to what you can do, contact the wordpress team. They’ll have the answers.

    Alternatively, you can check out WordPress’s TOS again…it did specfically forbid pornographic content.

    Good luck!

    Mark Aldrich,
    [Link sig removed due to the fact there not allowed here in the forums -Slik]



    I contacted support a few weeks ago with this very same thing. I wanted to know if i could add nude sketches as i was worried it wasn’t allowed, and the reply was “No problem, don’t worry”…However, i’m still half afraid to do that because it doesn’t stop someone reporting you as “mature” if they are offended. Nudity in art is NOT pornography and should be allowed without a “mature” tag. It’s a thin line though, and what some see as art, others see as pornography. I’m erring on the side of caution for now.



    jental – I replied to you and I can assure you that if 100 complaints came in about your blog that there is more chance I will eat a cactus than your blog being marked as Mature.

    I see your blog as more art, the sort of image I would see at mainstream art gallery.. I do not see it as titillation, as gratuitous expose of flesh, as any level of porn.

    What is Mature? If only it were easy to say.
    Lots of profanity – probably.
    Some profanity – probably not
    A few images of topless women (for it is usually women and western society tends to see the topless man as non sexual generally) – probably not
    Lots of images of topless woman – probably
    Genital images – definitely unless the blog is educational (and yes, we know the difference between education and not)
    Images of mutilation, dead people, injuries, cruelty, killing – definitely.
    Combinations of the above – probably
    Declaring your blog 18+ – definitely

    If I showed you an image and asked you if that should be in an 18+ magazine you could tell me. You too would have Yes, No and “well, maybe…” and after more information that ‘maybe’ would turn into a Yes/No. That’s how we do it and we try to make the balance. There are 2 of us that mark blogs as Mature and we will discuss why quite happily and advise if there is action you could take to remove the Mature.

    Bear in mind that these all depend on context too. If someone is blogging right now about the situation in Thailand then in no way would we make the blog Mature. Again there is a difference between posting for interest / the “yuk” factor and actual events that people should know about and should be able to see more than mainstream media or propaganda will show.

    We do get a lot of requests from people asking that their blog be made Mature. In some cases I have said they should start blogging then come back after a few weeks as content decides and blogs change.

    Note: we have exceptions to the above with regard to blogs created by and seen by people living in certain countries such as Iran (there are others, their names escape me right now). Their culture deems that any female flesh shown is a very bad thing and people there create blogs which we would not see as Mature, they do. So we do mark those.

    If this raises more question, fire away.



    @mark…Thank you so much for that…You have certainly put my mind more at ease now about adding my sketches. It’s great to see a proper explanation as to what may or may not be be classed as “Mature”.



    I appreciate WordPress exercising some discretion in the areas described above. It doesn’t stop people from attempting to display certain things that fall outside of what is considered ‘mature’. But at least, there is dim awareness for a blogger to think and choose.

    Instead of rushing down the blogging path without any consideration of impact on all sorts of readers.



    I have a question: if I moved to Iran (god forbid) and continued doing the way I have been doing, would you mark it Mature?



    Thanks Mark for the explanation!



    There are also many threads in the searchbox on this subject.
    Search string: definition mature
    Search results:

    The related support documentation entry is here >



    Yes, we know. But Mark said if you have further questions (and mine has not been asked before) to ask them here.



    Thank you, Mark. That does answer my question. The other threads didn’t. But this one did.

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