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delay email post automatically

  1. crfreeridedownhill

    Is there any way automatically, that a post sent via email can be hold for moderation?...I kind of find the "code" of delay to human dependend and won't like to ahve everything be published right away with out being review...

    I mean, I can leave the 2 authors to be automatically post everything, but 1 contributor to be review first...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Editors and Administrators can publish posts but Contributors cannot.

    Pending Review – The post has been submitted by a Contributor. It must be published by an Editor or Administrator before it is visible to blog readers.

  3. crfreeridedownhill

    and if I have not added a person, how this email will work?...I've tried with other peer and they went straigth out... :(

  4. If any of your users are Contributors only and not Administrators or Editors and their posts are not held pending review then please contact Staff.

  5. Note also the instructions for emailing a post and delaying publication.

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