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    Does anyone know how to prevent delays in viewing my gallery? When I click on a photo to view the gallery, use the arrow key, sometimes after a few photos have come up, there is a spinning symbol and no photo appears. I then have to press escape to go back to the thumbnails, then click on a different photo. Is there some way to correct this?


    The blog I need help with is



    I am using Firefox 10.02 and I don’t experience what you have described. I experience that same “falling down the rabbit hole” and have to click permalink to see individual images experience that the introduction of the Carousel has resulted in on all our blogs.


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    Your images are huge! One of your cosmetic bags is 1000px x 659px.
    You should optimize them for the web, and downsize them to fit your theme which has a maximum image width of

    Theme…………. FAQ …….Uploader ………..Actually……….Remarks
    Suburbia……………………..1024…………………547………. 743 if you’ve hidden the sidebar


    By uploading such large images you are wasting your storage space and making readers with slower connection wait and wait to view your pictures. Some connections may even time-out before an image loads!


    Thank you so much – now, how the heck do I optimize them for the web? I am so new at all this and not very technical. Any assistance you can provide would be most welcome. Thanks!




    Hello again Sarah,
    These are relevant refernece links for you:
    Troubleshooting Images
    Image Optimization

    I have previously reviewed and blogged about several free image optimization and resizing programs bloggers can download and use locally. This post is aimed at the programs that are available to us for use online. Ten Free Online Image Compression and Optimization Programs



    I forgot this link:
    Image Editing Software
    Some have easy options to size and compress a batch of photos very quickly. Packages such as Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro will do it, but there is no need to spend money on doing this. These are free:


    Thanks again – I am using Picasa to edit photos. I did resize all of the images to about 269KB. They really aren’t that big. Should they be even smaller? And if so, I can’t seem to find a really easy way to resize everything in Picasa. Do I have to resize each photo individually?



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    You can have images be low 100kb or even 50kb!

    I don’t use Picasa so I don’t know if they have a batch option like PhotoShop does.


    It’s clear that the new default Carousel is going to cause a lot of problems for folks because of the image size issue. Previously, images were resized for the attachment page so they usually weren’t huge. Now they seem to be loading full size with the carousel, and if the images haven’t been perfectly scaled before uploading they will take forever to load in the carousel.

    I think this is a step backwards for WordPress, as it means that it’s going to be much more complicated for less technically oriented people to use.

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