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    Hi guys I started up a second blog, but then realised they both come under the same password and also can be seen from the same dashboard. I wanted it totally separate from the one I’ve got. How do I delete the second one, without interferring with the original. Thanks.



    Depends. If you want to delete it, just go to the dashboard for that blog and delete it there; make sure you’re on the right one first, because there is NO GOING BACK.

    If you just want to separate them, make a different WordPress ID, without making a blog, and set that second ID as the admin of one of the blogs. Then have that second ID delete your first as admin. So you have two blogs and two separate usernames.



    yeah, it’s only way to save old domain name
    if you don’t want it, just delete …


    Thanks a lot guys.



    You’re welcome. Once again: if you delete something, it’s gone for good. Name, URL, contents, the works. So be careful with that.

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