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Delete a single blog?

  1. Is it possibly to delete a single blog, without trashing my user? I signed up as dannytuppeny a few months back, but never used the account. I've now signed up (under the same account) for However, it seems that the Dashboard links (and "Add to Blogroll" etc.) all modify my original blog (even though I don't want or use it).

    Can I get rid of the dannytuppeny blog, but keep the username? If not, can I change the "default" blog, so these links work properly? I've tried both by logging in at, and by going to and clicking the link to this blog.


  2. Anyone?

  3. Sorry Danny, got no idea. You'll probably be best of submitting feedback and asking that way.

  4. Actually I could have sworn that there was already another thread on this last week. As long as you don't delete your main blog, you're fine. I would go ahead and submit a feedback request though to make sure.

  5. It's the main blog I want to delete, and the second one I want to keep!

    I'll try the feedback thing though, thanks :)

  6. When the page changes to "Sending Feedback..." I get a JavaScript error ("Unknown runtime error"), so I don't know if it sent. How do you report bugs when the bug reporting form doesn't work? :o(

  7. Try this one.

    You may also want to point out the issue you had with the feedback form. Do remember that you need to mention your browser, version number, and your OS.

    Good luck,

  8. The feedback still sent (and I sent another one telling them about the errors).

    I had an email back, telling me if I delete my "primary" blog, the other would become primary, and my user would still work etc. So now, dannytuppeny doesn't work, and all my dashboard links go to easylinux. Sorted :-)

  9. Danny

    I've just gone to your and it doesn't forward me to your linux blog :(

  10. It wasn't meant to - I don't care about that one. I just wanted the "My Dashboard" link etc. at the top of the page to go there for me. Otherwise, I had to fiddle in the address bar to manage my linux blog :)

    Nobody was ever given the address for the dannytuppeny one, so not a big deal to me!

    I just noticed the lins in the forum don't point to the "primary" blog, so I'll let them know about that, but my annoyance is solved :D

    Oh, except I just noticed most of the themes don't display links! :( :D

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