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    I have a few self host blogs that are linked with my account on But over time I’ve got rid of the domains and I’ve deleted wordpress of particular domains. I want to do a bit of spring cleaning and get rid of these API links on, but I cannot see where I can remove them nor is there anything I found in the support forum.

    Note; I’m not asking to delete blogs but remove my self hosted blogs from my account on (that I linked using the API key)




    They’re linked because you’re using the API key to use Akismet or the stats program. As long as you’re continuing to use those programs, you can’t disconnect them from



    This is what I originally thought, but those blogs aren’t live any more and are not connecting to the API. One domain that is still link isn’t even registered any more.



    I think you’ll need staff intervention then. Contact them via



    Some things to consider before you go about deleting blogs follow:
    (1) There is no way to get a 301 redirect from As we pay for domain mapping annually that qualifies us for a temporary 302 redirect only. If we do not renew domain mapping then the URLs of the blog on our domain will default to the URLs of the root blog.

    (2) Also I have found that by making blogs “private” I avoid having a duplicate content issue.

    (3) I can export contents out of the self hosted blog on my domain periodically and import them into the root blog. Doing so means I have a complete back-up of my blogs on self hosted domains right here on

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