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Delete administrator from USERS

  1. musictherapyatl

    How can I delete an administrator? [email redacted] transferred the website to me, but I can not delete her from the Users page.
    Blog url:

  2. The original Admin of the blog cannot be deleted. They registered the blog and it belongs to them. It is possible for the original blog Admin to transfer the blog to another username account, with their cooperation. In case that's what you are asking. > Do note that if the original Admin cannot be contacted Staff will not violate the privacy policy by giving you their email address.

  3. musictherapyatl

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    She did transfer the site to me, but it has us both listed as admins now.

  4. is no longer how the My Blogs page is setup.
    My blog now has two administrators and neither of us can edit the other or ourselves to demote to another user level

  5. I agree with shotgunconcepts this just does not work. I was added as admin on a blog so the original owner could be removed (she no longer wants the blog) and i would then take over the blog, but no matter what we try we cannot remove the original admin, there is no option to remove or change the status for the original admin. Does the original admin have to demote themselves first perhaps?

  6. I think i answered my own question there. We have now succeeded. The original admin has to add another admin, and then change their own status to something like 'author' and then the other admin can remove the original admin who is now just an 'author'. Perfect!

  7. @shotgunconcepts
    I flagged the thread you created for Staff attention. Now we have two flagged on the same issue.

  8. @timetheoif (and others)
    this answers the issue of how to do it. (when you transfer, it removes you from admin)
    but the support page still needs to be updated.

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