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    I want to repurpose a blog urls so I want to delete all the content. In the tools it says I need to contact support, but the support page has no contact information other than this community support forum.

    What exactly is the process to getting hold of someone?

    The blog I need help with is


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    I’ll add a modlook tag so staff will assist you. Is the blog you want to empty this one?

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    Yes, why does this have to be so public?


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    Also, if you want to, you can do it yourself:



    It won’t let me…

    Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 10.17.29 AM.png


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    Yes, well, that screenshot is what you find here:
    dashboard—>tools—>delete site

    If you want to have a go at deleting the contents yourself then you need to go to “posts” “pages” “categories” and so on individually:
    again see here:
    (here is the link about bulk deleting posts from the link above: )



    The problem is I have to bulk delete thousands of posts and comments. I started doing it and it got old quickly because I can’t select more than a couple at a time.

    Look, I’ll pay for support if it gets things done. Is there no way to get this from




    I appreciate you trying to help out given the tools you have at your disposal. I’m going to go a different route at this point. Thank you for trying to help.

    Consider this support request closed.


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    Yes, staff will delete your contents. Keep in mind that they have a backlog so it will not happen instantly. I’ve modlooked this topic and you have confirmed is the site you want emptied.

    If you have changed your mind, please say so and I’ll remove the modlook.


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    By the way, you should be able to delete 100 or more at a time:
    For example, when deleting posts,
    1. bring up the screen with “all posts.”
    2. go to “screen options” in the top right of your screen.
    3. change 20 posts to 100 (or a larger number) and apply
    4. click the box next to “title” on the list of posts to select all posts on that page.
    5. Choose “move to trash” from the bulk actions drop down.
    6. Apply.
    7. When you’ve gotten all of the posts moved to trash, empty trash.

    But if you are patient, staff will see the tag and assist you.
    7 years of posts, pages, images, cats and tags is a lot of fussing about.



    If you’d still like me to, I can empty the blog for you.

    Just let me know the URL so I don’t empty the wrong one.

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