Delete ‘archives’ and ‘categories’ headings

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    Hi – I am using theme: ChaoticSoul. Can I delete the headings ‘categories’ and ‘Archives’? I just don’t need them. I remember being able to do it on another theme a while ago. -Thanks.



    As far as I am able to tell that theme allows you to change the title into something different, but not delete it. OK, you could make a “—-” or something like that, but it would still display. The only option would be to use a text widget without a title and manually insert URL links to the categories and archives.


    Are you talking about in the sidebar? If so, simply go to design > widgets and remove the categories and archives widgets from your sidebar.

    If you haven’t yet modified the sidebar (added widgets of your choice) then you are viewing the default sample widget set. In this case, in the “available widgets” column at design > widgets, click on the “add” link on the “pages” widget to add it to your sidebar and then click on the “save changes” button at the bottom of the sidebar pane on that page.

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