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  1. Hy

    I'm new to wordpress and I want to know if I can delete a blog attached to mine's.
    For reasons unknown (...) I forgot to sign-out my username, and created another blog. The problem is I want to keep both usernames but separately, not just an master-blog who see everything.

    Is it possible to detach a blog from my username (and keep both users?)??!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Once you delete a blog it is gone forever. Neither you nor anyone else can ever use that name or URL again, so think very carefully about doing that. But yes, you can be a user without a blog; just go ahead and delete it, if you are SURE you don't want it.

  3. And I'm really, really serious about that. Staff won't give it back to you no matter what.

  4. No way! I don't want to delete any blog. I've read about that here on worpress. I think my solution is to transfer the rights to another user, or something like that.
    I'll dig more and I'm sure I'll find a suitable way to do it.

    Thanx for reading and answering :)

  5. Transferring it to another user would work. Or just make a new user ID, transfer it to that, and don't use it.

  6. if i have multiple blogs on my account, is it possible to delete just one blog, but leave the others intact?

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