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delete blog

  1. blablabla198302

    I do not have permission to permanently delete my blog?
    Blog url:

  2. You need to be logged in with the account used to create the account.

  3. blablabla198302

    I don't see the options.

    I see this message "User blablabla198302 Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested

  4. log out of that account - clear your browser cach and cookies - log-in under the username accout that created the blog you want to delete

  5. I don't think the blablabla198302 account created the account - your account is from Sept 2010 and the blog precedes your account by 2 years (2008) so your account could not have created the account - you need to log in as the Admin that created the blog

  6. blablabla198302

    how can I recover my wordpress admin login?

  7. I think this happens a lot to people who change their usernames. I'll flag this for staff attention.

  8. has already been deleted, so it looks like you were able to take care of this.

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