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    Dealing with your company is becoming an absolute nightmare!! I cancelled the upgrade I purchased, for which I was not refunded in full, and I requested to cancel my domain name, which I now realized, for whatever reason, you did not cancel. I did the upgrade cancellation and the domain name cancellation separately, which you will see in my other support posts. All cancellations were requested within the first 1.50 hours I was on your site. I had mean to create my blog on, not and I did not want to pay $129 to have a blog I didn’t even create yet, transferred (I only got as far as entering the site’s title and tagline), so I decided to cancel altogether. As of right now, I do not even want your free blog of – Please delete it!!!!, so that I can end all association with It is ridiculous that I cannot reach a human being!
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    The blog I need help with is

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