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Delete blog - confirmation email not being received.

  1. deletednotwanted

    Hi all, I'm trying to delete my old blog as I just don't use it anymore and have several times gone to Tools>Delete Blog in my Dashboard and followed the instructions, but am not receiving the email with the click-able link to confirm this.
    I have read other people's posts who've had the same problem and tried the suggestions I've read i.e. checked my spam folder etc. but still nothing. If someone could help me out with this I'd be very grateful :)
    Look forward to hearing from you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same issue. It's unfortunate that this seems to be an ongoing problem for quite a few people. I'll just piggyback off of your post and maybe I can be assisted by whoever comes along to help you. :) Good luck!

  3. deletednotwanted

    Are there any admin or staff that can help myself and arcyn1c with this issue please? I've still not received any email to confirm the deletion of my account and would like to get this resolved. Thankyou very much for any assistance you can offer, I'd be very grateful of it! :)

  4. If you want I can delete the blog for you. Note that blog deletion is permanent and the name can never be used again. Please reply to confirm.

    If you want to temporarily hide your blog instead, please use privacy option so only you and logged-in members of the blog can view it.

  5. The blog I need deleted is I am confirming that I want it deleted. Thanks in advance!

  6. deletednotwanted

    Kardotim, thankyou very much for your reply. I understand that deletion is permanent and am happy for you to go ahead with deleting my unwanted blog Many thanks in advance for your assistance, it is much appreciated :)

  7. The blogs have been deleted as requested.

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