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    The Delete Blog feature damages the community. To erase all content and disallow all robots is a much better way to delete a blog, otherwise the blog can’t be reused. Maybe there can be an alternative feature to the delete blog feature and then the delete blog feature can be retired.



    The suggestion you make is already available to anyone. I agree it’s far superior and less confusing, but there are a lot of people who really want to do their best to erase their digital trails. They won’t be happy with anything but a delete feature.

    Most people who want to reuse blog names, I’ve noticed, are not connected in any way with the original blog owner. Maybe an “Erase and donate to dead pool” feature could be offered?



    I just want people to know that the Delete Blog feature is bad and that there is no need to use it. It’s better to use the already available Privacy Options.



    Then why not blog about it?

    May also want to send in a feedback as Automattic staff rarely monitors these forums.



    I read pretty much every thread except those in OT – and if they are marked ‘modlook’ I get to those as well.

    The subject of unused blogs keeps coming up.

    – If you want a deleted blog that cannot be done.
    – If you want an inactive blog, leave a comment and hope they get in touch
    – If you want to pass the blog on, leave a post saying you will.

    That’s it.

    And I do read the forums. Constantly.



    A Delete & Donate-Name is much better actually.
    If you’re going to delete the blog then you don’t want to leave contact info or hear about it ever again do you?! So basically mark, options 2 and 3 are buggy.

    The system works best as is. The reason the names don’t get reused is as to not cause link-hell here and on other sites ~ I think.

    This isn’t really a problem that can be solved by adding human input IMHO.
    People are, more often then not, too stupid when it comes to the actions they take.



    For your reading ;) recycling blog names.


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