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    I have a custom menu and I want to delete it completely. The header on the blog is huge thanks to the custom menu. It has to go. I would appreciate some help.

    The blog I need help with is


    You can do that by going to the custom menu page and then setting the “primary menu” location in the pulldown to the “blank” spot at the top.

    What I would recommend though would be to make a top level menu item (custom link with just the # sign as the URL) and then set all of your different policies pages as submenu items under that. That will fix the issue for the most part, but you will need to edit the label for all those menu items and shorten them up. Perhaps something like, “Online Studies-Class 1.0 Policies”.



    I shortened the titles. and that helps, but I still have this huge block full of text at the top. I’m not sure I understand the first instruction about setting the “primary menu” location in the pulldown to the “blank” spot at the top. How is that done? I’ve deleted the custom menus, but the title text from my pages still appears at the top as well as along the side, were I want it. I only want it listed along the sidebar, not at the top. I know this is a rookie issue, but it is really stumping me.



    See this post of mine, in particular at the bottom:

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