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    My blog was deactivated. However, it is still in my account and is being considered an ‘unresolved issue’. I cannot post in the forums, or start a new blog because of this ‘unresolved issue’. There is now no way to contact any support regarding the complete deletion of that deactivated blog. I need that deleted from my account in order to post in the forums and start a new blog.

    The blog is not online, but it is still in my account and it is creating “an unresolved issue” but nobody at support has responded to my request to delete the blog out of my account, the message on my dashboard will not send me to any form of contacting any support. And I had already asked WordPress to delete that blog entirely from my account over two weeks ago and have not gotten a response.

    The last time I sent this to the community, I was not answered appropriately and since I am locked out of responding on the forums have no way to communicate the issue with those that reply to this request.

    Thank you to anyone with a helpful response.

    The blog I need help with is



    This IS the appropriate answer:

    You need to click on the Suspended Blogs link tt gave you and fill out the form to get your blog un-suspended. Then you can do what you like with it.


    That has been done twice before and had not gotten a response.

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