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    Hello, there is a dead blog at, obviously it’s not being used. I’d like to request that it be taken down.

    It has links pointing to our site that appear to be spam. We’d like them removed.

    Thank you
    Clint Henderson


    There is no requirement that any blog here must be used. All blogs are owned by their creators who registered them and are not subject to removal unless they violate the ToS. The Tos Staff investigate and do not delete blogs unless they are in contravention of the ToS. If that’s the allegation you are making then you will have to submit a DMCA complaint/take-down notice.



    Well, can I ask that you send out a message to the owner… it might be someone here that did it and then we could just take it down ourselves, if that were the case.


    I’m sorry but that’s not the procedure. You must take the appropriate action. There is no role for in this process until or unless you do that.



    You could try leaving a comment on the blog.

    If the person who created the site still has the email address associated with the site, they may get a comment from you requesting that they remove whatever links you think are “spam.”

    I only looked at the site in a cursory way, but I wasn’t able to determine which links were spam, or how they would function as spam. Are you getting a lot of unwanted referrals from the site?

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