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delete domain

  1. I am concerned that I may have accidentally purchased a 'dotme' url with my account, which I believe to be a paid domain.

    The WordPress 'help' section says that users can cancel a domain purchase by notifying wordpress within two days. Unfortunately, there are NO support contact details provided...

    I've erased the blog entirely, and my dashboard shows the domain as still being registered to my account. I've not entered any payment details yet and I'd like to cancel the domain registration before I incur any fees.

    1. How can I I erase this domain registration so as to ensure I don't incur and accrue registration fees; or

    2. Speak with a human support rep from WordPress?

    Blog url:

  2. I modlook'd the thread to alert staff for you

  3. Thanks

  4. You're welcome! = )

  5. I don't see any transactions under your account. I only see which is a free blog.

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