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  1. I remember that we used to be able to delete followers from the blog... Right? Now I'm trying to delete some ppl from my blog and I can't seem to find out how...
    any advice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not sure if I'm reading this correctly;
    if you mean delete the blogs you are following,
    then there is an 'edit list' button on the
    'read blogs' page,
    hope that helps.

  3. I think she wants to edit the list of people following her blog. On my sidebar it says I have 13 followers; I would like to see those and maybe delete followers if I choose. (I had the same question).

  4. Found the answer ... on the dashboard, go to Site Stats, The down to Totals/Followers/Shares. I can see the list of followers, but I cannot delete them.

  5. Now I'm trying to delete some ppl from my blog and I can't seem to find out how...

    We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. However, please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Note that you have complete control comment moderation. If your blog is public others can, of course, read it. They can submit comments but you can Moderate all comments and choose which ones to approve or not.

    For trolls, you can "blacklist" them at Settings > Discussion toward the bottom of that page. Enter their email address, their username, and if they included it, their website. That will automatically send them to moderation so that their comments do not appear on the blog. Do note though that if they are determined, they can use a different email address or username to get around that. Also, do not put their IP address in the blacklist. IP addresses are no longer unique, and you might end up blocking legitimate visitors. Also, all they would have to do is go to a wi-fi hot spot, or connect via a different ISP and they could get around that.

    One other thing I would suggest is to set your blog so that first time commenters are held in moderation till approved, then from that point forward they will not need approval. Settings > Discussion. The next step on that of course is to set it so that all comments are held in moderation until approved. That way you are in control, and they might just get tired and go elsewhere after a while.

  6. I have my comments set for moderation, but someone has re-blogged one of my posts and has comments and sharing open, which now means I have no control over comments on that post.

    I find this rather worrying, what is the point of WordPress offering all these options if it can be over-ridden in such a way?

  7. @alyxaerallo
    I have answered you here > Note that there is no permission required for reblogging an excerpt of a post published on a public blog.

  8. Timethief can other people delete anything from someone elses blog, such as a comment they made?

  9. @dovesgold
    No they cannot. All they can do is request that the Admin of the blog on which the approved comment appears please delete it for them. And, the Admin is not compelled to honor that request.

  10. Still not sure I'm explaining this correctly lol I'll try again :-)
    A person came to my blog and left a comment on one of my posts,
    then I replied. The next day the comment and my reply disappeared, where did it all go to, did the commenter delete them both?

  11. No commenter who is not also an Admin or an Editor on the blog can delete a comment form the blog. See here please >

  12. Thankyou timethief I just had a look at the link you gave and I am the only one who can use my blog, so I've no idea where they went, it must have been some kind of glitch, but at least I know now, glad it was only a glitch :-)

  13. Items within your trash folders can be restored or permanently deleted within 30 days of their original trashing. The deleted comment will still be in the comments Trash folder for 30 days following deletion unless you permanently deleted it.

  14. is it possible to remove a follower who is spamming my blog comments?

  15. @klextin: I believe timethief's response above addresses your concerns. Please read it.

  16. ~~ airodyssey

    Indeed it does.

  17. Blush :) I found them, they were not lost,
    I was looking in the wrong place, thanks timethief.

  18. @dovesgold
    That's great to hear and thanks for letting us know. :)

  19. ya3aleemyaallah

    I just had a stalker in real life subscribe to my blog, and I feel that it's pretty weird that I cannot delete them from my followers list. Even if a blog is public, one should have control over followers, an option that WordPress need to address. I have been the victim of anti-competitive behavior by a fellow crafter in my own town, and they are now copy-cating my every move, and their latest stunt is to subscribe to my blog so whatever I post next, they are first to know. Can somebody at WordPress please pick up on this issue and help bring it up in their upcoming staff meeting?

  20. I too would like the option to delete followers for a similar reason.

    I can deal with moderating comments but that's an entirely separate issue.

  21. All they need to do is subscribe to your blog's RSS feed and get updated on your latest Post without visiting your site. And yes I guess having an unwanted subscriber is like seeing someone two feet outside the restraining zone distance in the court order watching you.

    Given the nature of the internet other than having a completely Private blog or no blog at all your options are limited.

  22. ya3aleemyaallah

    my stalker is not internet savvy at all and wouldn't know how to subscribe via RSS (because she doesn't know what RSS is), therefore email subscription is far more easier for her and is something she can understand and use (and she did). I would love to make use of this little opening (that some people may not be RSS educated), and be at least capable of deleting them from my blog's email subscription list. In my part of the world, internet is relatively new, and I might be one of the most developed users. So... to make a long story short, someone like me would realllly benefit from the option of "delete follower."

    I don't know how we can petition WordPress on this matter. Hello there, dear WordPress; are you hearing me?

  23. @ya3aleemyaallah
    Allow me to be clear about what these forums are all about. This is a peer support forum where Volunteers like myself answer support questions posted by other members. I answered this question fully previously. If you would like to send your personal feedback to Staff they will be available on January 2nd.

  24. ya3aleemyaallah

    @ timethief
    You "full" answer is valid and I read it; it basically states the fact that on "public" blogs one cannot delete followers. What I am hoping for is change.
    I am sure, that as a WordPress blogger (who probably has equal rights to express and question like any volunteer) one can express their opinion as a user; one can verily point out an issue that seems to be shared by others.
    I think that feedback is exactly what these forums are for (in addition to peer-to-peer support, which I believe should not involve a hierarchy of any sort), and I am positive WordPress staff closely monitor these forums to see what new trends (or issues) are surfacing, so they can improve their interface, their service, and everything in between. I am merely making my voice heard, and I am sorry that a "full" answer won't suffice.

  25. @ya3aleemyaallah
    I don't believe for single moment that Staff sit around and monitor every thread here on these forums to glean feedback. As best as I can tell they do not have idle time on their hands.

    This thread is in the Support Forum and I answered the questions being posed correctly.

    If the correct answers don't suffice for you then your can express that directly to Staff by using the link provided above. Or alternatively, you can start an Ideas Forum thread (Ideas and suggestions for post your ideas for changes and or improvements in it.

  26. ya3aleemyaallah

    OK, I shared my "idea" - which turned out to be really long, over here
    So, if you agree that WordPress needs to add an "unfollow" button that allows us to delete unwanted email (or blog) subscribers/followers, please go ahead and support the idea at the link provided above.

  27. gobetweenflames

    I have someone on my followers list who recently deleted her blog yet she remains on my followers list. I would like to remove this person because she is not really a follower anymore. Can someone help?

  28. Where is it written that to follow a blog, you have to have a blog?

    Many people that do not even have accounts follow blogs here.

  29. They just use their Dashboards as readers. It's quite common.

  30. I want an unfollow button to deleted a follower! And also for a follower it should be possible to choose for unfollow. Please support, make it possible.

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