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    Here’s what I did — I have the site I saved the site name in case I wanted to use it again. I changed the site name to

      disabled while I decided what to do with the blog. I’ve decided to keep the original name/blog so I’d like to go back to

    Here’s my challenge…
    – When I try to change

      disabled to, I can’t because WP is treating the old site as legit (because I saved it).
    – When I try to delete so I can free it up and change

      disabled to, I get warnings about deleting my blog and I’m afraid I’ll delete my entire account including all past posts.

    So…clearly, I’ve totally messed up.

    Any ideas on how to fix this so I don’t lose the content I want to keep and so I can go back to the original URL?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, when you changed your blog’s address from to, you let go of the old address ( There was a warning presented about that address not being available again, and you confirmed that this is what you wanted to do. We don’t restore deleted blogs.

    What you can do is choose another address for your blog, or you can map a custom domain (I see that is available) and nobody will know which you are using. Here is how to register a new domain:


    Thanks so much for your help. I was worried about this – in trying to fix something I made it worse.

    Let me ask you this: I have disabledseekingmymuchness and I would like to move it to acrashcourseinself which I have saved. Can you advise me as to how I can change disabledseekingmymuchness over to acrashcourseinself without repeating the same problem?

    Thank you.



    I suggest you look into the Site Redirect upgrade. If you set it up, it will automatically forward the visitors from to (or any other existing address).


    Thanks, Jenia. So, to be clear, basically once I change my URL (say, from MickeyMouse to MinnieMouse) I can never go back to the old URL (MickeyMouse), even if I’ve retained it. Is that correct?

    And once I release an old URL (MickeyMouse), it’s permanently lost as they’re never recycled, correct?

    There’s no point in me doing a site redirect upgrade. No one has the disabledseekingmymuchness URL.



    Correct, once you choose to permanently change a blog URL, you cannot go back and since URLs are not recycled, nobody else can have it either. Same for deleting a blog, once you delete a blog, it cannot be restored. Sorry I was not able to help you more in this case.

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