Delete Incoming Links from Dashboard. Please help. It is very disturbing for me

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    My website is

    I am very disturbed because I am a teenage girl, and when I looked at incoming links today, it linked to a porn site.
    How do I get rid of this link? I don’t want to be related to such derogatory content.

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    I think you might have to get in touch with who the link comes from, Im not sure how that would have happened without you having some input into the link. Is there not a simple ‘remove link’ option.



    You can’t control who links to your blog, but you can ask the other site to remove the link. Nobody reading your blog ever sees that link; only you know it’s there.


    I think you’re going to have to get used to this. Spiders, trackers, whatever they call them – the spammers pick up on keywords. Girl and teenager are both in your title and sub-heading, so they think you’re a porn site. Sorry, it’s just the way it is. Most of the searches that turn up my blog are ones for child porn. Sick, but what can you do?



    You could always change your name of the blog, not much you can really do in this case. Goodluck :)



    letters is giving you good advice. Don’t EVER tell someone online you’re a teenage girl, even if they say they are too. You wouldn’t believe the crap you’ll get.



    hi lettershometoyou: i see your point. its good advice, and it was pretty stupid of me to mention that.
    and raincoaster: yep, im going to change it right now.
    and thanks to everybody else!



    @pipedreaming – Your name links to your other site, and at your blog, you tell quite a bit about yourself, your age and life, and ask people to link to your site. I think what lettershometoyou and raincoaster were trying to do was help you protect yourself online because they assumed you were an unsuspecting teen who didn’t realize the p*rn/spammer thing would be a result of your title and such. Given that your goal is to run a teen site that calls itself a teen site, you will probably be a target for much of what you don’t want, like the links you posted here about.

    I think it might be wise to reconsider how much personal information about yourself you want to share online, but if you’re determined to go ahead with your plans, you will have to just accept what will come your way because what’s in many of your posts on both sites is what will undoubtedly send the icky stuff your way.

    Please stay safe. You’ve already posted quite a bit about yourself. Be careful not to talk about specifics, like schools, extra-curricular activities and such because that kind of information is all it takes for someone to actually stalk you in real life.

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