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    Hey Guys, a link to my blog is featured on another WordPress website without my permission or warning and I would like it removed immediately. I have no idea how to do this, so can someone help me?

    The blog I need help with is


    I do believe that this went all the way to the Supreme Court (after some porn sites had links to religious sites) and they ruled that anyone can link to a public site without your permission.



    Hi. If the blog linking to you is at too, you can always contact staff and explain how the link impacts you negatively. But honestly, I doubt they will do anything, other than provide you with an explanation.



    Link to contact staff:


    You cannot keep people from linking to your blog just as you cannot keep someone from looking at you as you walk down the street.

    If you don’t want people linking to your blog, then set it to private and then only invite those you want to visit your blog. There is no law that someone has to ask your permission to link to your blog.


    Just a question here in case there is a misunderstanding going on. Did they perhaps copy a post of yours and put it on their blog, or did they just link to your blog or to a post in another post or possibly in their links widget? Could you please clarify?

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