Delete my account!!

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    I don’t care what YOUR policies are, I want my account deleted. Not my blog. My account!

    If you are unable to complete this simple task, I will be forced to seek legal assistance for violating my civil rights.

    I await your answer.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Well, that’s just silly on a whole number of levels.

    Delete your blog, then go to to your WordPress and Gravatar profiles, delete any information there, change your email address to something anonymous and one you’ll never use again, then change your password to something 50 characters long, then forget it and walk away.


    change your email address*

    *Change the email address associated with your WordPress / Gravatar accounts.



    I shouldn’t have to change my information. Do not confuse me for a child.

    This is genuinely alarming that deleting accounts is not possible. Unless you are in a position to do as I have requested, keep your less then helpful thoughts to yourself.



    Accounts are forever here – you were given the proper advice – get used to it.



    @mrpies I understand you’re upset about the account deletion matter but please remain kind to the other forum members and volunteers that take their time to answer these forum threads.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation

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