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delete my account

  1. Hi
    I would like to delete my account, how can I do?
    thank you

  2. Hi @ingeruliubirii02,

    There is no option to delete your account. However, you can follow these steps and delete all your data and change the account settings so it becomes completely inactive. These are permanent actions that cannot be reversed.

    First, you may still have a site associated with the account you want to delete. You’ll need to delete the site with these steps while signed into the account you want to delete:

    1. Empty your site:
    2. Delete your site:

    Once you have zero sites associated with your account:

    1. Remove all personal information from your Account Settings: You may want to change your username to remove any personal information it holds:
    2. Change the email address on the account to a throwaway email address. These Google search results will offer you temporary email address services.
    3. Change your password to something random: You do not need to remember this password. When you insert the random password and select Save Password, you are permanently locking yourself out of the account. Once you log out, your account is inactive.

    As you work through this process, we're here to help explain any issues you run into along the way. Respond here and let us know about them. We will work to help you.


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