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    i want to delet my blog, but when i get the link in my email an follow this it onsly says that the link is stale and i should try something else. what??? i really want to delete my blog.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    The process required to delete the blog is to receive that verification link in an email and to click it to delete the blog. Please try all over again and act immediately upon reciving the link in the email when you do.



    I suggest that you could make the blog visibility private, rather than deleting the blog.
    Then you can use is as a test blog and/or as a back-up blog. If you every want to use it as a blog you can bulk delete the content and do that.
    Deleting a blog URL is forever. No one including the person who deletes it can recycle the deleted blog URL and reuse it.

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