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  1. Yes I deleted the blog, I understand that there's no security risk to leaving the empty account sitting around, but you know what??? Now that I have a account, I cannot comment on blogs without logging into the damn thing. AND when it loads the error message to tell me that "this email is associated with a account, you have to log in to comment" it deletes the entire comment I just typed. I don't use the F-ing account, I have my own page, on my own host, and I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO LOG INTO THE F-ING ACCOUNT HERE JUST TO COMMENT ON SOMEONE'S BLOG.

    And don't tell me to contact support, you CAN'T contact support right now unless you're a paid subscriber. THIS IS WHY I DIDN'T PUT MY BLOG HERE.

  2. You can't delete your account. I don't even think staff can delete your account.

  3. I wonder if the account could be transferred to another email addy. The the OP could use his real email to comment on blogs?

  4. I've changed my email in every spot I can find on both and and it STILL tells me that "that email is associated with an account (on one or both) please log in....."

    Since I deleted the blog that was on the account there is no blog to transfer.

    Although somehow every time I turn around gravatar has yet ANOTHER account under that email no matter how many times I change it. I'm not sure if the change isn't taking or if there's that many accounts maybe the problem is gravatar rather than specifically.

  5. When you changed the email in the account here at .COM, did you get a confirmation email?

  6. Check your email spam filter for the email.

  7. yup, every time, and same for gravatar. And yet, when I go to the gravatar site, and log in with my main email (the one I want OFF the account) as the log in, it logs me in, it doesn't show the email on teh site any more, but it logs in me. So somewhere in their system they're not removing the emails properly

    Looks like i'm not the only one with this problem either: I seriously can't believe wordpress was that stupid....

  8. and yup, wait a few more minutes and the account has reverted to the main email address. AGAIN. ok, the idiots at wordpress caused the originial problem, but it looks like the majority of my issue now is with gravatar. Lovely. Why can't programmers stop and THINK before implementing!!!!!

  9. Gravatar is AutoMATTic is WordPress (all the same) so they are all in this together.

    I'm sorry I have nothing else to offer, and apparently neither does WordPress/Gravatar/AutoMATTic. They certainly seem slow addressing all these issues. It's a pity.

  10. I even shut off Askimet since apparently THAT links to gravatar too! I hate this. Its not affecting my blog since I've my own host, but having a comment I spent several minutes typing dissappear cause I'm not logged in is the most annoying thing, and then to not be able to delete the accounts.....

  11. Oh my effing god, now WORDPRESS.COM JUST REVERTED TO THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. Seriously. Wtf??? And its insisting that I confirm the email change THAT I DIDNT MAKE!!!

  12. No, it F-ING CREATED A SECOND ACCOUNT OUT OF FRICKING NOWHERE, WTF!?!?!?! Seriously, is wordpress trying to get sued???

  13. So know I have TWO accounts, cause of computer stupidity probly, and I KNOW theres at least two gravatar accounts, and it won't let me put the same email on both accounts or otherwise combine them, this is fricking rediculous.

  14. Steven King could not have come up with a better horror story than this.

  15. And I most definetly did NOT agree to a TOS for the second one.

    It gets better, attempts to comment without logging in STILL aren't working, but attempts to find the or gravatar account that still contains that email fail. Both sites say that that email isn't on an account when I attempt password retrieval (which should be correct, since I've been changing the email to an old hotmail as quickly as I can find the accounts). BUT I STILL CAN'T COMMEMT USING THAT EMAIL BECAUSE I'M NOT LOGGED IN???WTF???

  16. If your email provider supports the "+ extension" or "- extension" on your email address, you might be able to use that feature to give an email address in comments. Apparently Gravatar does not remove the extensions, since I did my own MD5 checksum of my extended address that I signed up with WordPress with, and using the checksum based URL with Gravatar, I got the identicon I see on my WordPress posts. I signed up with WordPress with a "+ extension" email (that's how I organize my email).

    So if your email is "[email redacted]" then send email to "[email redacted]" from somewhere else and see if you get it. I know this works at Gmail (so if you use Gmail, you can skip the test). If "+" does not work, try again with "-" (some mail servers and providers use that, instead).

    If one of these works for you, then pick a string to use after the "+" or "-" and use that as your email address on comment posts and see if that works. It should at least give you a different Gravatar identicon (since you would be using a different email address).

  17. Note that you WILL need to get logged OUT on your browser to make anonymous comments. Discarding cookies should be able to do that. Sometimes it is necessary to also quit the browser (don't just close the window ... go to File >> Quit and reall make it quit) to finish clearing them.

  18. Now, now. Let's not exaggerate :
    Mr. King can make one believe some very unlikely horrific and apparently unsolvable predicaments.

    I don't mean to belittle the OP's problem: we will hope that someone on staff will see the modlook tag…

  19. Note: my post above was supposed to be to tsp, not the general thread: no offense meant.

  20. Motre, I've been clearing cookies all day, but I'll have to try the email thing tomorrow, I think I'm about done tonight.

    Tess, 's'ok, I took the original comment as a bit of a laugh.

  21. Have a look at the comments I tested with a new blog I'm going to start later. It can be found here:

  22. If you re-used the same email address again after clearing cookies, you can get the same cookies back again. Need to clear cookies just before switching to use a different email and be sure to never use the email you signed up to WP with when commenting on hosted blogs.

    You might want to use "+wp" if the "+ extension" thing works for your email.

  23. I get it, will give it a try today

  24. unfortunetly that doesn't work for my main email, though I suppose this way I could use the gmail account, I was trying to get rid of it though....

  25. BUT, either I cleared the right cookie, or gravatar/wordpress finally got their systems to accept the change in emails because I can comment using my main email.

    I still want my account(s!) deleted, cause this is ridiculous, but at least now I can comment....

  26. shit for wordpress blog I wan't to delete my account and it's going around around and around with questions. And your are sitting there doing nothing at all
    and you see in this silly way doing this you will lost customers!

  27. Well, ironically, you're complaining about the fact you cannot cease to be a customer no matter what you do.

  28. Is it fixed now ? Still have to log in apparently if someone wants to comment :-(

  29. @argone, yes, if someone attempts to use an email address that is associated either with a gravatar or account, they will have to be signed in to that account in order to comment. It sucks, but that is the way it is.

  30. Bumping this thread. I STILL want all my and Gravatar accounts deleted and I STILL haven't recieved any response from my attempts to contact Gravatar support, and Automattic support, and I STILL cannot contact support. Yah, This makes me REALLY want to move my blog over here, uhuh.

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