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    Good afternoon,

    I have sign in WordPress to compare it to Wix, but I prefer Wix for its interface more userfriendly. So I would like to delete my entire account. Can you tell me how to do so or if you can do this on your side?

    Thanks in advance.



    You cannot delete an account but you can delete the blog. If you do delete a blog the URL can never be used again, so if in doubt just make it private.


    Bu I don’t want you to keep y information. In France, law says that we can access ou account information to modify or to delete it. So I would like yout to delete my entire account.
    I thank you in advance for your comprehension.



    I am only a fellow blogger on the forum – I can’t delete anything!

    WordPress’ staff advise that you can change all your details to someting else, and even change the email to a disposable address. At this point the result will be the same as if it was deleted, there will be no current information that is connected to you in any way.


    Oups, I’m sorry. I thought you were WordPress staff, I hadn’t read your status member.
    Ok. I’ll do that. Thanks for the information.
    However, I’m really disappointed of WordPress professionalism.



    I guess its the way things go when you use a web-based service with no physical presence in your country. They can just ignore any local laws

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