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    I tried to delete my blog, but it want work. Can you delete everything for me. I dont want this blog anymore! Thanx

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry we cannot do that for you. What did not work?

    Provided you are logged in under the exact same username account that registered the blog you can delete any blog registered under that username by using these instructions.
    Note that deleted blog URLs are not recycled.
    To make the blog visibility private see


    I get this answer:
    Warning! You cannot delete a site if it has a domain registration upgrade because you need access to the site in order to get to the domain manager.



    Aha! Then what you need is to ask Staff to remove the domain mapping. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    Yes i agree! Remove the domain mapping please: )



    Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when Staff respond and please be patient while waiting.


    I dont know what you mean? Subscribe where? I am not so good in this.



    Click the link in the sidebar that says “Subscribe to Topic”


    Done:) Thanx

    But can you help me with something else? I have a blog on, but now somebody else has taken my name when i dident want the blog and the domain any more. And i dont want some chines to use my name to there blog. What do i do?



    No one can “take” a domain name that you own and you renew and do not allow to expire. The only way anyone can get the domain name is if you fail to renew it every year before it expires.


    Thanx:) Now i will wait for the wordpress team to respond, so i can delete my blog!



    The domain mapping is no longer connected to the blog, so you should be able to delete it now.

    Please let us know if you run into any trouble!

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