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    Hello everyone!

    So.. I made an amazing header and background in my blog.. then I clicked on “themes” and was messing around to see if any of the themes might work better (assuming I could go back to the way I had it.. -without ANY theme if I wanted) and now I all hte themes I tried, screwed up all my photos, and I can’t even put my header back up! Someone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of my “theme” and go back to the way it was so I can add my headaer again?!?!?! Thank you SO much! (P.S. I have the “free version” blog.. if that helps any..)


    The blog I need help with is



    If you go to Media > Library you can see all the headers you have uploaded. What can’t be done is use one from there directly as the header. So you need to save a header if you don’t have that on your computer.
    And then you can upload it into each theme. Not the ideal way – it will happen in time though.
    Does that help?

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