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    I’ve just rekindled my blog after 6 years. The old posts are poor quality and I don’t want people reading them. They were deleted years ago but still appear in full in the RSS feed! Is there a way to delete them from RSS as well? I can’t find help on this anywhere.

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to settings reading and set your RSS feed to only show perhaps 1 or 2 posts. Then after you get more new posts up, you can go back and set it to perhaps 5 or 10 and the old ones will then be far down the list.


    Thanks for the suggestion, but it seems to be some kind of interface problem between Google Reader and WordPress (it’s not happening in other feeds). Does anyone know how to get reader to forget your old wordpress posts? I see I’m not the only one with this problem!



    That is a .ORG support forum posting – but your feed only has two Posts in it when I view it – so probably a problem with your PC or Browser


    The fact that Google reader isn’t updating is not a problem with your site, it is a problem with Google reader. I’ve seen complaints that it might not update for days even though there is new content on a site. Google may not pay any attention to the number of posts you have set on your site and will likely show all your posts forever. Stuff isn’t deleted from RSS feeds at places like Google. They keep everything.

    If your feed here, has updated and is showing the correct number of posts, then there is nothing wrong on this end.


    Yes, I see that, thank you, the problem is clearly on Google’s end. They suggest creating a blank post with the same GUID tag. One last question: Do you know how to manually set a GUID tag? Or (better still) changing your blog settings so that the GUID tag and the permalink are the same? I could definitely fix the problem by making blank posts with the same permalink…

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