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    I’ve used the same theme for many years and often wish I could change it. However, I have hundreds of featured images in my blog which result in undesirable duplication in most of the themes I’d like to use. Is there any way to delete or hide all the featured images with a single bit of code or a setting? With more than 3,000 posts, deleting all featured images one post at a time would be more trouble than it’s worth.

    The blog I need help with is



    which result in undesirable duplication in most of the themes I’d like to use

    Can you let us know which of those themes you’re most interested in? There’s often a setting to deal with duplication. We can help you find that if it’s available.



    I don’t have a particular one in mind. So, the setting you mention is not universal across all themes? Theme details should mention that if it’s available, and there should be a way to search for themes that have that option.



    Some themes have a “Content Options” setting, which in some themes include control over whether or not featured images display on the blog page, single posts, single pages, and archive pages.

    There’s not a filter for these, as the content options are different for each theme, but most of the newer free themes, not counting the twelve or so most recent ones, specifically designed for the block editor, should support content options.



    Thanks, kokkieh. At least now I know what to look for. Glad somebody finally thought to start including options like these.

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