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    I have a WordPress account and blog, but i wanted to start a new blog for use by a group of people, so I wanted to use a different username. But I stuffed it up, and my old account is the admin, not the new account. I want to change this (I don’t want my regular account to be associated with the new blog) but am frustrated at every turn.

    1. I can delete the blog and start again, but then the name we chose won’t be able to be used again.

    2. Some old forum discussions indicate I can set up a second admin, then delete the first admin, but that is no longer possible.

    3. Some more recent discussion says that we have to contact support staff to do that, but the support page says that staff are getting too many requests and so that can’t be done either.

    Can anyone tell me please, is there any way to delete the old admin, or delete a blog but preserve the name?


    The blog I need help with is



    Definitely DO NOT do a delete on anything whatsoever. You seem to already know this, but I want to be sure and keep you safe from losing anything.

    Was there a username created with the same name as the blog name (the part before “”)? If so, do you have a password to login to it with?

    You can create a new user and transfer the blog to that new user. But this would “burn” yet another name, and if the blog’s own name can be accessed, that would make more sense to use, anyway.

    Just please stay away from any delete button. Don’t think in terms of delete of anything. Think in terms of transfer.



    Thanks for the comment. To clarify.

    I have a blog (“ under my current username of unkleE. I wanted to start a new blog under a new username but I stuffed up and registered the new blog name ( under my unkleE name.

    I know not to delete the blog because I’ll lose the name. So I have registered a new admin for the Hokonui blog and I want to delete my unkleE username from that blog, but I can’t. Even changing status to follower would be fine, but i can’t do that either. I don’t understand what “transfer” is.

    Perhaps it doesn’t matter if the unkleE name remains as admin on the blog, and I use the other admin, but I’m afraid I will sometimes accidently post in the wrong name.

    Any ideas please?



    Users own blogs. Users (obviously) can own more than one blog. You can change who owns a blog. This is what I refer to as transfer. Be 100% certain you can login on BOTH users before trying this. Be 100% certain you are typing in the correct username to transfer to.



    That did the trick, thanks heaps. I just didn’t understand well enough.

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